How to Speed Up Flash Drive


Increase USB Drive Performance with Ease

USB flash drives are widely used for quick transfer of data. Today, technology makes the easier to transfer GBs of data in a small flash drive in very short time. Compared to past few years, now a flash drive can store much amount of data and provides better performance amazingly. But after a long period of time, it makes us disappointed to transfer data from computer to the flash drive or vice-versa. Then, f you want to know how to speed up flash drive easily, here you will get complete information on that. The best way to improve performance of your flash drive, is use of an expert utility that can fix the main reasons behind such speed drop. You can use Remo MORE software, which is a well-known application useful for different types of flash drive to improve its speed.

There are plenty of reasons behind fall of speed in data transfer between computer and the flash drive. Performance of an USB lash drive significantly decreases if it is nearly full. To obtain better speed on flash drive, you should maintain a minimum free space on it. If you are trying to transfer data of equal amount to the available free space, you cannot get its actual speed. Even, if the flash drives contains thousands of file, it may need more time to access any information on it. Therefore, always keep your USB drive free from useless data.  Besides that, improper use of flash card can reduce its speed significantly. Many times we remove it from computer abruptly, which has sever effect on performance.

You can follow these steps to obtain better performance for a long time:

  • First, format your flash drive to NTFS file system and then, go to My Computer and right click on the flash drive to visit Properties option.
  • Under this option go to Hardware tab and select the flash drive that you want to speed up. Then select Properties button below after which a new window will come.
  • From here, click on Change Settings option from General Tab. From the new pop up window, you have to select Policies tab and choose Better Performance option to speed up that flash drive.

Your flash drive may also lose its sped if it is fragmented severely. Due to frequent read/write operation, a large file can be saved on different location in fragment. After deletion of that file the memory space remains fragmented which has very bad effect on performance of the flash card. Then, to speed up flash drive easily, you have to defragment the drive using this Remo MORE software. So many industry experts recommend this program as the best speed-enhancing tool.  You can employ this single tool to boost speed of memory card, memory stick or any other external drive also. It is a one-click maintenance tool to speed up flash drive in simple steps. With the help of this software, you can also fix USB drive not recognized problem with ease.

Steps to Speed Up Flash Drive:

Step 1: Download & install this software on your computer and connect the flash drive to it. Then, launch it and select "Drive Defrag" option from main screen under "Manage" tab.


How to Speed Up Flash Drive - Main Screen


Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Next, select the defragmentation type from the below screen to speed up your flash drive using this application.


How to Speed Up Flash Drive - Select Defragment Option


Figure 2: Select Defragment Option

Step 3: After analyzing the flash drive, this application will defrag it and then speed will be increased automatically.


How to Speed Up Flash Drive - Defragmentation Complete


Figure 3: Defragmentation Complete

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